I bought a pretty large USB drive to turn into a live USB to use to boot Kali Linux on. I am doing this on my Chromebook, so I used the tool "Chromebook Recovery Utility" to flash the file (kali-linux-2020.1-live-amd64.bin, I changed the file extension from .iso to .bin because of compatibility issues with Chromebook Recovery Utility) and It booted perfectly fine!

I then tried to make it persistent. That's when I realized that it would be harder than I first thought. Here are some of the problems that I encountered:

  1. I tried to do it on a mac, but I had issues getting a partition that I could change the size of.

  2. I tried some of Kali's instructions, but that ended in me corrupting the USB, so I reformatted it and it was like normal.

  3. I tried using GParted, and that started out promising but ended in me having an error message that was not mentioned in the article.

  4. Almost everything that I looked at relied on you using a Windows computer and getting MiniTool Partition Wizard, which I couldn't get.

So here I am, asking for help. If you do decide to help, I am on a Chromebook with USB-Boot enabled, I have Crouton running with xfce4 because the Linux(Beta) feature wasn't in my Chromebooks settings.

How would I be able to make my Live USB persistent? Any help is appreciated. Also, please don't shun me for making a bad question, I really tried hard to make this a good question. If this is the wrong place to post it to, please tell me which one would be better, but don't be mean about it.

  • People are more likely to read your question/answer if you format it so it is not a wall of text. Please read Markdown help and edit your question to add paragraphs and bullet points ... – DavidPostill Feb 11 at 9:43
  • @DavidPostill ok, I'm sorry. I'll try to fix that. – Skulldore Feb 11 at 22:45
  • @DavidPostill is this better? Sorry if it's bad. – Skulldore Feb 11 at 22:48

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