I want to find out all the different IP addresses my computer is connected to with a command or program - ideally one that shows which program is sending/receiving data from which IP address.

I don't need my personal external Ip - just the ones I am connecting to.

Windows 10 Pro ver 1909 OS Build 18363.657 (unsure if needed)

I searched for some time but was unable to find an answer that directly dealt with what I wanted to do. -thank you in advance, and apologies if it's common knowledge / super obvious I honestly have no idea how to.

  • Fiddler. WireShark. Netstat on the command line. Sysinternals TCPView. Burp Suite. – spikey_richie Feb 14 at 10:17
  • Thank you! - exactly what I was looking for – Swaith Feb 14 at 10:22

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