I have a router with 5g and 2.4g and for some reason, after I'm connected on the 5g for a while, it stops giving me access to the internet. While i'm connected it just says i've no internet connection. If i connect to the 2.4g it works fine. Usually if i restart the router, this gets sorted. But not sure what's the issue. On my mobile phone on the other hand, it still works fine on the 5g as well. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with it?

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    Is your laptop capable of 5G? Does it work in 5G in other locations? Try updating the firmware on the router and the Wireless driver on the laptop. – John Feb 14 at 12:30
  • Sure it is. It's an ASUS ROG - 3 y old. All drivers have the last version of software. Not sure what else could it be. – Vlad Romuald Feb 17 at 9:15
  • You said restarting the router fixes the problem. Since the router is 3 years old, it is possible it is not completely compatible with 5G in some way. It appears to be a router issue and not a computer issue since you indicate your laptop works with 5G at other locations. You might try a full reset of the router to factory specifications and set it up again – John Feb 17 at 12:20

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