I'm using a Windows 10 Entrerprise LTSC machine, currently logged in as default user with administrator rights. Fresh out the box. I'm not in a domain environment. Since we like to hand out the computer to other user in a different domain environment.

My goal is to have following post condition.

  1. Activate the Administrator account. (I figure it out, how it works.)
  2. Setup a background image located here: C:\backgrounds\admin.jpg only for admin.
  3. Setup a background image located here: C:\backgrounds\users.jpg for all new users.
  4. Users can't change the background image.

Is there a script to do this?

  • Are you in a domain environment with group policy available? – Smock Feb 14 at 12:27
  • Welcome to Super User! Could you please first set a wallpaper for every user, then change it for the administrator? – Aulis Ronkainen Feb 14 at 12:28
  • @Smock No, I'm not in a domain environment. – user25268 Feb 14 at 13:09

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