I am a software developer , primarily working with C#, dotnet and Visual Studio with extensions like Resharper enabled. Visual Studio with Resharper is a memory hog!

I currently have the following PC at home where I do my development work :

CPU - Ryzen 2700x RAM - 2 x 16 gb RAM 3000Mhz Storage - 512 GB SSD - WD Motherboard - Asus Rog Strix B350M-i Gaming GPU - Gigabyte GeForce Windforce GTX1080 8GB OS: Win 10 Pro

With a few Firefox windows, and few instances of Visual Studio debugging docker containers I hit CPU utilization 100% and memory utilization 100% for 3-4 minutes. 😞

Also build-compile-debug-run tests could do with faster speeds... not good for productivity when I sit idle and watch build progress!!

Also I would like to enable auto run unit tests on every code change save. To ensure I haven't broken anything and have rapid feedback loop. I can't run this effectively now because it slows down build-compile-run-test flow.

( I am also thinking of upgrading to 64GB RAM )

I am looking for an answer to the question --> Does Visual Studio build/compile/debug workflow benefit from Multicore or benefit from higher single core clock speeds ?

Seeing results of https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html , how does these scores interpret/mean for workflow like mine ?

Ryzen 7 2700x has a score of 16,927

and Ryzen 9 3900x has a score of 31943 ( almost twice the score )

So would this mean if my build/compile takes around 60s now, getting a ryzen 3900x would make it near 30s?

Also will get a faster SSD help?

Thanks in advance people!!

  • You would probably be better off getting advice on Stack Overflow or Software Engineering rather than Super User, as most programming questions are considered off-topic here. That said, compilers usually leverage multi-threading when possible, so more CPU cores could help. Likewise, compiling large programs can sometimes be made faster when using more RAM, but these speed-ups are both dependent on what type of programs you're compiling. If you're pegging the CPU and RAM at 100%, then it sounds like you could benefit from an upgrade to both. – Sam Forbis Feb 14 at 14:54
  • ok Thank you @SamForbis. I asked the same question on Discord channel for TechDeals and there someone suggested I may even need to upgrade to an nvme ssd as it could be disk IO bottle necked. I am thinking of running resource monitor and capture the bottlenecks properly. I will take this question and post in software engineering section of stack exchange as you suggested. Also I was suggested to get a Ryzen 3950x , but I am thinking in my workflow is there going to be any significant boost over a Ryzen 3900x... . – miniGweek Feb 15 at 0:04

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