I have a list of contracts that run for a month, each line is a separate contract that is active during this times. I need to know what is the sum value between 00:00 and 01:00 (which is 8). What formula can I use. I tried sumif but the problem is that I can't figure out how to include the values for lines as 00:00 to 00:00 which means this contract runs for 24 hours and also contract starting at 23:00 preceding day till 05:00.

start  end   value
00:00  05:00   5
05:00  10:00   5
23:00  05:00   2
00:00  00:00   1

Thank you,

  • What tells you that starting at 23:00 and ending at 05:00 results in 6 hours (instead of 30, 54 etc...). Are there dates somewhere? If yes, then SUMIFS should do the job easily enough. – cybernetic.nomad Feb 14 at 16:35

Perhaps, this formula can help you:


enter image description here

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