This is my formula and it works.

Rows("8").Hidden = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Currency").Range("E2").Value <> "No"

I want to add a second range("E5") with the same rule I've tried:

Rows("8").Hidden = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Currency").Range("E2,E5").Value <> "No"
Rows("8").Hidden = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Currency").Range("E2","E5").Value <> "No"
Rows("8").Hidden = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Currency").Range("E2"),("E5").Value <> "No"
  • You will need to test both separately with And – Scott Craner Feb 14 at 16:11
  • Hi Scott, Thank you.Where do I add the and? Sorry - silly question. – Tammy Feb 14 at 16:24
  • ...Range("E2")<>"No" And ... Range("E5) <> "No" – Scott Craner Feb 14 at 16:43

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