We recently upgraded a client's switch to a managed Dell switch. This switch connects to the users computers (also Dells). On the switch, we're getting errors in the logs:

%LLDP-3-MAC_PHY_CFG: Configuration mismatch with neighbor on interface Gi 1/12

We've been in troubleshooting with Dell support, and they say that the message is because the workstation on the other end is sending malformed LLDP packets (missing a tlv, I gather). I went and checked on of the NICs (Intel) and didn't see any option that would indicate LLDP is being sent. I found a doc on Windows regarding how to Disable LLDP in Windows via Powershell, but when I try to run that command it says it's not a valid command.

Coming here to look for other thoughts on what might be happening here. It doesn't seem like it's causing any actual issues, but the client wants us to investigate.

Appreciate the help in advance


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