I have two sets of numbers that correspond to the minimum and maximum values of an interval. In the database that I am pulling this data from, the numbers are formatted without decimal places, like 680, 1090, or 520000. I want to format them as I input them into an Excel file for a different project.

The first should be formatted as something like:

  • 680 => 0.0680
  • 1090 => 0.1090

The second set should be formatted like:

  • 520000 => 52.0000
  • 728750 => 72.8750

Is there a way I can set a column to have formatting that automatically converts the un-formatted number to one with a decimal in the right spot?

Thank you!

edit: reformatted my examples so they were easier to read :)

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  • This is called Number Format. A good phrase to Google to learn how this works would be "Excel number format documentation". Enjoy. – Alex M Feb 14 at 19:57
  • @AlexM Yes that is what I needed. I just used division and then reformatted the output so they are correct. Thanks for your help :) – ExcelSlave Feb 14 at 21:14

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