I know that DOSBox can be used to run 16-bit executables and my problem can be solved by setting SDL_VIDEODRIVER=DUMMY

But the problem with using the above method is that it is time consuming as DOSBox actually starts before executing the executable.

Is there some other software that can be used instead or DOSBox to quickly run a set of 16-bit commands before executing?

Something like,

engine "command1 - maybe mounting a drive" "command2 - go to a path" "run a executable with specific parameters" 
:: Exit once it's done.

:: It would be great if mounting is not required.

If no, then is there any way by which we can make the process faster?

  • if you're using dosbox then why tag MS-DOS and FreeDOS? You need to tag the host platform which is more important – phuclv Feb 14 at 23:56
  • I'm currently using DOSBox...I can switch to another DOS emulator just to get things done faster. – Hello World Feb 15 at 8:27
  • MS-DOS and FreeDOS are DOS operating systems, not emulators. They must be run from inside a machine (either physical machine or a virtual one, like DOSBOX or VMWare, Virtualbox)[ – phuclv Feb 15 at 10:16
  • Yes, so I just wanted to know some way to quickly execute a executable in an DOS (emulated) environment as mentioned in the answer. – Hello World Feb 15 at 11:40
  • Should I delete this question (if it doesn't have an answer)? @phuclv DOSBox has an feature which allows the user to pass a set of commands using -c "command", so I was looking for a software or executable that has the same thing, but executes everything asap without any visuals. – Hello World Feb 15 at 11:45