I would like to explore data captured during motorsport events.

Ideally I would have an embedded video in Excel and as I move the timeline of the video I can highlight/filter the values of several data series. e.g.

at 1:04.20 in the video timeline - Lateral Acceleration was 0.5g - Vehicle speed was 75kph - GPS latitude was xxx - GPS longitude was yyy

Is this possible? There are packaged software but they don't give the freedom of Excel

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  • I suppose you can setup some kind of excel dashboard so that when you move the slider the various items refresh. Further, you could build a VBA script to update the dashboard based on the time data, that would may make it look like you were watching a video... – gns100 Feb 14 at 23:16
  • Just Check this,, possibly it help you ! – Rajesh S Feb 15 at 6:42

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