How do I apply a formula to a whole column, keeping one variable fixed?

  • 2nd row is =AVERAGE(B1:B2),
  • 3rd row is =AVERAGE(B1:B3),
  • 4th row is =AVERAGE(B1:B4),
  • etc...

How can I achieve that?


It's like getting running average, therefore I would like to suggest to use below shown formula.

enter image description here

  • Formula in H58:


Where Column & Row doesn't change while filling down.

it may be


Where Row is not changing.

As soon you fill it down Excel start getting average of

G58:G58 (Row 1) then

G58:G59 (Row 2)

and so to the 4th Row (H61) is G58:G61

Since absolute reference (using $ sigh) has been used with G58, works as fixed variable.


If you use formula =AVERAGE($G$58:G59) as I've tried in I58, will works like,

G58:G59 (Row 1)

G58:G60 (Row 2)

G58:G61 (Row 3)

gets Average of 1, 2, 3, 4 is 2.5

as soon fill to the last row (I61),formula reads G58:G62 , produces same value 2.5 since G62 is Blank.

Adjust cell references in the formula as needed.

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Try following it hope it will work

2nd row is =AVERAGE($B$1:B2), 3rd row is =AVERAGE($B$1:B3), 4th row is =AVERAGE($B$1:B4),etc...

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