I have exactly one big screen in my home, and that is my PC monitor. But due to limited amounts of outlets (2), I had to make do with a couple of multi-plugs, which is not a sane solution, which is why I keep them off most of the time. However, I do want to watch TV sometimes and my home offers DVB-C - cable TV.

I have seen devices at Digital Devices that would act as a "DVB>IP Server". However, I already own a Mac Mini that is pretty much always online. How would I be able to use that as such a device? What DVB-C Sticks and Software can I use - or is there a sub-100 € method of doing this?

My other devices are an iPhone XR and MacBook A1342 (MacBook7,1) running Catalina. Ideally, I want to be able to watch TV on my MacBook when I am in bed, as it is more convenient (visually impaired, having to lean close to the screen).

Got any idea how I could possibly implement this? In fact, is this the right Q/A board for this? I browsed all the ones available but wasn't sure if this was or was not the right one to go for.

  • Product recommendations are off-topic here. What you are searching for is "media server" software. – Mokubai Feb 15 at 7:45

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