Today I'm doing work that needs sort-by-type. Every single time I change folder, I have to re-sort that folder by type.

Tomororow, when I'm looking for a file by name ... Every single time I change folder, I'll have to re-sort that folder AGAIN.

The "make everything have the same default" hacks (various great question/answers here on SU) solved half the problem, but to make them work in Windows10 (which has a really stupid "if I see a folder full of e.g. .MP3 files, I will force you to view them in a terrible way" set of design mistakes) seems to force Windows10 to fallback on making every folder unique, and wiping your settings continuously while using it.

TL;DR: all I want is a file explorer that - while I'm using it - carries on working as it's been told to; not continuously trying to change every time I click on a folder :)

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  • Open a folder. Set the Folder View as wish. This will be our template view for all folder.

  • Now click on the upper row aka. menu bar, choose "View" > "Options". Like this following image:


  • It opens "Folder Options" window. Choose "View" tab > "Apply to Folders". Like this following image:


  • Optionally, Restart File Explorer or logout and re-login.
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    This does not answer any part of the question, I'm afraid. The question starts AFTER having done everything you've described here.
    – Adam
    Feb 16, 2020 at 18:30

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