I have read the man pages and documents online without getting a clear answer. It is stated that using -u with ripgrep will "Reduce the level of smart searching" as well as not searching the .gitignore file. I want the same level of speed searching but also don't want ripgrep to look at my gitignore. After testing for a while it's still inconclusive if it is the same speed or faster. I think ripgrep caches things making the reproducibility harder. Anyone have a definitive answer?

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If you don't want ripgrep to respect your gitignore, then use -u. It's as simple as that. There is no definitive answer to your question. -u might make riogrep go faster because now it doesn't need to parse and match your gitignore rules against every file path. But -u night also make ripgrep slower if it needs to search more files that would have otherwise been skipped by gitignore. This is a fundamental trade off that depends on your specific circumstances.

The only way to know is to measure your own workload.

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