I'm using Windows 10. It defaults to a PIN. I want it to default to a password instead. I did this about 2 years ago so I know it can be done but now I can't figure out how I changed it. Does anyone know? All searched I do only talk about how to change to a PIN.

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    I use the PIN as password (can be as complicated as you want) as it's somewhat easier to remember than my long and random Microsoft account's password which I need my password manager for. – phuzi Feb 19 at 8:34
  • Question can it be that there already exists an answer?: superuser.com/questions/1187522/… this one looks like it is about changing your DEFAULT method – Thomas Feb 19 at 12:56

Click on Sign In Options. There is a set of icons below the sign in options. The middle icon is for Password. Click on that and the entry box changes to Password. Default is PIN but it is easily changed and I do this myself.

The screen shot below is from my own ThinkPad which has PIN, Password and Fingerprint Reader. Of course, different machines have different setups and might show a different screen. In any event, if there is more than one sign-in method, you can always click on Sign In Options.

enter image description here

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    Would also be useful if you could demonstrate how can you change the default from PIN to password. – CaldeiraG Feb 18 at 16:13
  • If you have a PIN , then the default is PIN. I have never changed this because I have Fingerprint, PIN and Password and just select what I need. @Moab: I logged off but then SnagIt was not there. Your idea is a good one and I am going to try again. – John Feb 18 at 16:18
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    That may depend on the system and use. My system defaults to PIN even though I often use password. So it will not always be Last Option - certainly not for me. – John Feb 18 at 18:09
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    The Picture above was edited and while come from some machines, is not at all like my machine, proving only that different OS setups will have login setups (which we know to be true) – John Feb 19 at 3:01
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    The words of my answer are correct and "Sign-in Options" is always available if there is more than one method, so that is all one needs to do. – John Feb 19 at 12:13

You can only set up a PIN if you've set up a password on your Windows 10 user account. Once you set up a PIN, you will have the option to either change or remove it and you don't have option to set default login method. To remove your PIN, follow these steps:

Click the Windows logo (Start button).

Click the gear icon (Settings).

Select Accounts.

On the left pane, choose Sign-in options.

Under PIN, press Remove.

Click Remove again.

Enter the user account password, and then click OK.

After doing the steps above, you can sign-out to your account to see if you will be able to log-in using the password.

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  • Is your answer saying that the only way to access an account with a password is to remove the pin associated with the account? The author is looking to keep both the password and the pin but by default have Windows request the password instead of the pin. – Ramhound Feb 18 at 17:59

The first step you need to do is go to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options, and then Add a new password.

enter image description here

Once you have done that step, you can remove your PIN to use password to login instead of PIN. It requires you to set a password before switching or removing the PIN.

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  • Based on the author's description their account already has a password, It also appears the author wants to keep the pin to their account but change what is requested by default. I suspect the last option used is going to be the default. – Ramhound Feb 18 at 18:03

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