I am running a Kali Linux 19 Live USB and there is a high pitched beep whenever I boot Kali from my USB drive.

I have been through what has been written on the web but I can't find a menu.cfg file to remove the BEL or G signs.

Anyone else having the same issue? Could anyone please assist? The aim is to remove this beep sound on startup (kali boot menu) and when I switch users...

Cheers, James

  • I guess your flashing method does not allow you to edit the flashed drive, It happend, for example Balena Etcher does this way as well. Have not analyzed the reasons but Rufus does the job. – RZ87 Aug 29 '20 at 22:33

It is still an annoying feature in version 2020.3. However, it is easily fixable.

Follow the steps:

  1. Flash the Kali linux ISO with Rufus, it let's you edit the files after flashing the pendrive. If it asks for mode in the popup just go with recommended settings.
  2. After it finished flashing, open the newly created drive in file explorer and search for isolinux/menu.cfg. Open it with Notepad++. Different editors will show differently what we search for!
  3. Somewhere around the 4th row it contains this: "menu title Boot menu", and a sign at the end of this line in Notepad++ you will see something like "BEL" in. That is the character responsible for the beeping. Regular Notepad under windows wil display "[]", under linux might look like "^G".
  4. Delete the above mentioned sign, the row should contain only the "menu title Boot menu" words.
  5. Save it
  6. Restart the machine and test it!

That's all! Good luck!

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