I want to add my phone in Windows 10 Settings, but button "+" is not active.
Also there is yellow text in the top of the window:

Your organization decided to hide some of this parameters or control it

(I translate this text from Ukrainian, so it can not match to the English version)

Windows 10 Education v.1909 (build 18363.657)

Please, help! :)

  • Does your computer belong to your work or to your school? – William V. Feb 23 at 1:59
  • @WilliamV. No, this is my pc – Naziks Feb 23 at 2:01
  • More than likely this is happening because you have the Windows 10 Education edition installed, which provides controls for organizations like schools. Have you tried adding your phone on a PC with Windows 10 Home or Pro? – William V. Feb 23 at 2:06
  • @WilliamV. Yes, before Educational I have Pro, and everything works well. So can I do something with this without reinstalling windows? – Naziks Feb 23 at 2:09
  • From my experience, I think you will have to switch over to Windows 10 Home or Pro. – William V. Feb 23 at 2:13

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