I'd like to edit code on a remote machine. The VSCode SSH extension offers this feature, but I can only get it to work for a single hop. Here's what I've tried so far:

  • Click on 'Remote Explorer' in VSCode sidebar
  • Click + for 'Add Target'
  • Enter the multiple-hop ssh command: ssh -A userA@hostA ssh userB@hostB
  • Select ~/.ssh/config as the SSH config file to update
  • When I do this, only the information from the first SSH hop is entered into the config file:
Host hostA
  HostName hostA
  ForwardAgent yes
  User userA

How can I get VSCode to correctly establish a multiple-hop ssh connection?


After reading this answer, I updated the ~/.ssh/config file as follows:

Host hostB
  HostName hostB
  User userB
  ProxyCommand ssh userA@hostA -W %h:%p

and I was able to connect.

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