I recently bought a new keyboard and, as I live in Brazil, got a ABNT2 keyboard (this one has a ç and accents on different places, see here)

The problem is: as a Mac user for some long time, I got used to the default US - International shortcuts (option-e to é, option-n to ˜, etc).

Is there a way to keep this keyboard layout but replace these shortcuts?

Right now, option-e = € and option-n = ŋ

  • Theoretically, you could do it with something like Ukelele - though I couldn't help with the specifics. – Tetsujin Feb 26 at 18:12
  • I’m voting to close this question because the asker gave up and got used to the new keyboard. – karel May 8 at 3:31

After two months, I found no answer.

I solved this getting used to the new keyboard.


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