I'm using Eclipse 2019-12 (Java) on Windows 10 and I cannot get Ctrl+Shift+ to select/mark a word as it do in every other program I use. The same is true for Ctrl+Shift+...

The General -> Keys settings in Preferences seems to be just fine.

enter image description here

Just pressing Shift+ works just fine. It selects a character at a time, as it should. But as soon as I try to add Ctrl into the equation, the cursor just halts (instead of selecting a word) and doesn't move at all until I release Ctrl.

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After some research I found a solution to the problem and it turns out to be a bug in the Eclipse IDE / Welcome Screen.

If the Checkbox "Always show Welcome at start up" is checked, the Ctrl+Shift+/ doesn't work.

Welcome Screen - Always show Welcome at start up

Then to be able to select/mark a word in the Eclipse IDE with the help of Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left you need to uncheck the Checkbox "Always show Welcome at start up" and restart Eclipse.

If you need to access the Eclipse Welcome Screen, you'll find it under Help -> Welcome.

Eclipse -> Help -> Welcome

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