We are moving to a new box and I'm making an effort to do things right, or at least better.

CentOS 8.1

I have setup SFTP users. They are added to a group called sftp_users. They are chrooted to their username specific directory in /var/www with their home directory in it. Example:


The following permissions were run:

chown -R root:sftp_users /var/www/domain.com  
chown -R domain.com:sftp_users /var/www/domain.com/web

I installed nginx and setup a server block for domain.com:

root  /var/www/domain.com/web;

nginx is running with the user 'nginx' according to ps -ef | grep nginx.

I have created a simple index.html file at /var/www/domain.com/web/index.html. When I try to access it via the browser the nginx log says:

open() "/var/www/domain.com/web/index.html" failed (13: Permission denied)
index.html is 644
/var/www/domain.com/web is 755

What am I doing wrong? I think I have to do something with the nginx user, but I am not sure I should change the owner on the directories because of chroot.

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