When Power Query editor is opened it does not let me edit, change anything in the opened excel workbooks.

I want to edit an Excel sheet, while working with Power Query Editor. Is it even Possible?Is so how?


By default, every workbook you open or create will run in the same Excel instance. The Power Query window locks all editing of any other Excel interface of the same Excel instance. You won't be able to edit the workbook that the query belongs to, while the Power Query window is open.

There is a UserVoice item asking for this functionality. Cast your vote here. https://excel.uservoice.com/forums/304921-excel-for-windows-desktop-application/suggestions/19005490-allow-interaction-with-excel-while-in-power-query

You can, however, open a new instance of Excel, which will not be affected by the Power Query window. To open a new instance, right click the Excel icon on the task bar, hold down the ALT key, click the Excel command icon and then click yes in the dialog.

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