Due to an unfortunate placement of various wall outlets in my new apartment, my ADSL 2 modem + router is not able to be placed next to my AirPort Extreme base station (AEBS). I'd prefer not to run Cat 5 cable between them, but I still want to use the wireless N on the AEBS, because it will have a high speed NAS plugged in via gigabit Ethernet, so I want to maximise the wireless transfer speed to my 27" iMac.

Is it possible to use one of the radios in the Airport Extreme to bridge the wireless G network with the router, and the wireless N radio to broadcast normally?

The only traffic going over the G network should be Internet (24 Mbit/s ADSL2) so it should never get saturated.


I don't think the AEBS supports client mode ( the airport express does though ) and even if it did it would only act as a client not as a client and base station.

Your best bet is to beg/borrow/buy another really cheap G wireless device that does support client mode and connect that to one of the AEBS switch ports, this will achieve what you want.


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