In Firefox/IE (and probably others) there's a Minimum Tab Width.

This is useful when you have a lot of open tabs. They shrink only down to the minimum width but not more.

Firefox - 12+ Tabs

What is the Minimum Tab Width in Chrome/Chromium/Brave ?

Brave - 61 Tabs

How can one increase that ?

This example is about Brave, but a solution for Chrome/Chromium is welcomed.

Background: I routinely use lots (by Chrome's definition) of tabs in a single window on a small 10" touch tablet. I usually have lots of other non-browser windows open at the same time.

Update 1: Found the answers to the first question.

  • At 150% Windows Scaling it's 22.5 pixels per tab:

Brave - 64 Tabs

  • At 100% Windows Scaling it's 13.75 pixels per tab:

Brave - 114 Tabs

After the tabs reach their minimum size, no mechanism besides Ctrl+Tab exists to reach the hidden tabs on the right-hand side.

  • Wouldn't you mean decrease the minimum width, to allow it to be less wide (like it used to be) and thus fit more tabs on the window? – Keavon May 2 at 22:03
  • @Keavon No, I meant that each tab doesn't shrink below let's say, 100 px, therefore it would mean less visible tabs at any given time on the tab strip (let's say 20 tabs). The extra tabs beyond 20 should lie behind an overflow menu, as in Firefox. – Petru Zaharia May 6 at 14:36

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