We have an old rack server with Windows Server 2008 (not R2)

Our goal is to virtualize it and move into new hardware.

The new PC has a Debian10 as a main OS with KVM enabled.

I have used disk2vhd (by MS) to convert whole windows system into an image.

The problem is that once i set up virtual machine in KVM, Windows will BSOD at boot time.
I have started investigating what could be the cause of this and it turned out, that this vhd required IDE emulation.

I found this out by taking vhd into another Windows machine where i have VirtualBox installed. At first it would BSOD as well, but i noticed VirtualBox used a SATA controller. Removed it, added IDE controller, assigned the vhd disk and it worked. System booted normaly.

I then tried to find the way to enable IDE controller inside KVM but with no success.
There is no IDE selection in the controllers dropdown.
Some suggested changing virtual machine configuration file and write "bus=ide" instead of what was there, but it didnt work either.

So i need some help figuring this all out. What other options do i have? How can i force KVM to use IDE for this machine?

I am not even sure why is it requiring IDE controller. From what i know it uses SAS HDDs, so it should work as SCSI drives(?) but settings SCSI as the controller inside KVM does nothing to solve the issue.


Hi I came across exactly same problem. It seems the newly added VM you have one chance (only) to change the Chipset. The Q35 chipset seemingly not support any IDE bus. In order to boot Windows XP or unpatched Windows 7 you have to use the old i440fx chipset.

There are better explainations in this serverfault question How can I change qemu KVM machine architecture

I know it is kinda later and hopefully it could help other people. (This question seemingly the only one mentions Debian 10)

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