When running apps that were installed with Windows's default App installer (Appx and msixbundle files), Trying to run the installed applications fails and the following error (Error 0x800704cf) appears:


The packages I have installed and failed are:

My machine is offline, so my only option for installing these applications is with the the appx files.


Found a workaround that works.
For the Linix distros, I found that when trying to run the executable from the specified folder (under WindowsApps), I get a permession denied error instead of the network error. I copied the whole folder to a different place, ran the executable and everything works fine. For the Windows terminal, I tried running the executable, and got an error the vclibs_140 dll was not found (even though I installed it). I added the DLL's path to the System PATH variable, and now I can run the executable.
Running both apps from the start menu still don't work and cause a network error, but at least I can run them from their executables.

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