I'm at a loss on where to go from a troubleshooting standpoint. I want to use a software called Multiplicity to handle my KVM duties, as well as my wake on lan duties. Until i purchased said software, I used a combination of a UWP app called Wake-On-Lan(Magic Packet) and Teamviewer to handle the same functions.

The problem is, I cannot wake anything up from my main pc but ONLY with multiplicity. Teamviewer will (unsure if it uses a magic packet or something proprietary related to their cloud set up as it doesn't require a mac, just a teamviewerID). The UWP app will as well with the Mac address and a choice of port (only allows you 7 or 9)

Multiplicity on the other hand uses an obscure port (developers said it was 30564). No idea why the deviation from the standard, but nonetheless - it wont work.

I've tried from a clean boot. I've tried with Windows Firewall off on both machines. Craziest part? It works from either of the other two machines.

I used wake on lan monitor on my second pc and it's not getting the packet. I have no idea what my next step is to see where the hang up is at.

How may I troubleshoot this further to solve the problem?

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Turns out running Get-NetIPInterface from powershell showed my virtualbox adapter having the same metric as my Ethernet adapter. Increasing the metric with Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 17 -InterfaceMetric 85 was enough to right it. Phew!

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