I have two Hyper-V VMs and two private switches.

One VM (let's call it RIPLEY-W1) has two ethernet cards, one connected to Private Switch 1 with address the other to Private Switch 2 with address

The other VM (RIPLEY-W2) has one ethernet card connected to Private Switch 1 with address

If I ping from RIPLEY-W2 I cannot get to the net. I've tried adding a specific route by using route add mask on RIPLEY-W2 and enabling forwarding on RIPLEY-W1 by setting IPEnableRouter to 1 (did not work) and using Set-NetIPInterface -Forwarding Enabled; Set-Service RemoteAccess -StartupType Automatic; Start-Service RemoteAccess (did not work either).

Pinging from RIPLEY-W2 works fine.

I could make this work fine with two Ubuntu VMs with the same virtual setup, using net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 on the target machine and sudo ip route add via dev eth0 on the origin machine.

Is it even possible to route between those two subnets on Windows?

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