I'm having an issue with a computer used in a production environment. This PC connects to various NDIS devices to set them up and test them. The software used needs to be able to connect to a database where we save our results to. If it can't we force the test to fail as we need that data for various reasons.

The problem here is that when connecting to an NDIS device, we lose access to our servers and share drives. This happens anytime we connect to an NDIS device and connection is restored after removing the NDIS device.

After connecting to the NDIS device, if we bring up our task manager connection is restored. We don't need to do anything other than open the task manager. Also, while we can't access our guest drives and servers, we can still reach google and stranger yet we can remote in to the PC coming from the primary DNS. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Does anyone know why opening the task manager is fixing the connection issue?

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