I am going to create 3 VLAN's at home for the below use cases. The idea is for a layer of security and to segment my network.

How can I do so to ensure my future NAS is available on all VLANS securely.

I was hoping to have a NAS (Still need to purchase) that I can make available on all 3 VLANS and lock down security by user for specific VLAN. This way they all have access to the same storage but cant access backups etc.

Use case

Home Network - Internet only access and limited internal sharing of resources. Accessible via Wireless. Developer - Internet access, SSH incoming and outgoing secured by 2FA and key-pair. Web server, NextCloud server. How I'm planning on setting it up:

Router with PFSense or IPCop that creates the VLANS and routes to physical ports. Ports then connected to WAP for home WIFI. Other VLANs connected by a physical RJ45 connection for added security. Additional notes: I used to be a computer tech before cloud and VLAN's were a thing and my skills are a little rusty.

Many Thanks for any advice or further reading.

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