I live in a structure where we have a limited download speed (3Mbps) per device due the "large population" in there, so i was wondering if it's possible to put together phone and pc download speeds. In Android I can share the Wi-Fi connection through USB Tethering. Is there a way to tell my pc to download both from LAN and Wi-Fi?

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    Unfortunately, no way. – harrymc Mar 15 at 8:32
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    I've never done it for this purpose, but there is a software solution that lets you route certain apps out of certain NICs, but this will give you 3Mbps from each NIC not a total through put of 6Mbps but the hassle may not be worth it. r1ch.net/projects/forcebindip – SQLTemp Mar 15 at 9:22
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    What OS is the computer running? What software are you using for downloads? Are you downloading from the internet, or from another system in the same LAN? – user1686 Mar 15 at 15:06

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