one laptop install ubuntu 18.04,apache,nextcloud.LAN speed is 1 Gbps. just configuration webdav in apache.here is part of site 000-default.conf file,nothing is superfluous.

Alias /dav /var/www/dav
<Directory /var/www/dav>
   require all granted

Download speed is good,about 110MB/s,but the upload is slow,about 25-35MB/s.

I try use many diffence software:winscp,raidrive,firefox; diffence environment:windows10 on my desktop , android phone, and one ubuntu virtual machine(bridge mode) running on the windows10; diffence method:apache dav,nextcloud dav,browser, they work the same.

Try to upload to the virtual machine,speed is 80MB/s.so router should not is bottleneck.

I run iostat -x 1 when upload to laptop ,the %iowait is jump between about 0 or 9.9.

What to next .

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