I have a keyboard binding to output an Unicode RIGHTWARDS ARROW (code 2192) when typing ->:


It works great everywhere (Notepad(++), vscode, ...) except in Outlook (new mail composition) where the font after the symbol is changed twice.

Specifically in my case, the base font for my emails is Verdana. When typing ->, the → is output, then a space in Calibri or Times Roman and then the font switches to Arial.

Is there a reason for this weird behaviour, and most importantly, is there a way to output a raw and stay with the same font as before?

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    Outlook - and probably the other Office applications - will use font-substitution if the character you're attempting to type doesn't exist in the current font (or if Outlook/Office doesn't believe that it exists in the current font). Unfortunately, there's an unacknowledged bug in the font-substitution routines that results in the original font not being properly restored in all cases. It looks like you've hit that bug. – Jeff Zeitlin Mar 17 at 12:47

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