Audio simply stopped working for VLC (& other video players). MacOS 10.14.6, VLC 3.0.8. Audio is fine otherwise; YouTube has audio, games in Steam do too, my music player works fine. I've checked all the obvious settings in Preferences, it should be working. But it's not. I reinstalled VLC & tried using an alternate video player. No audio. Not for videos (any format: mp4, avi, etc), mp3's or streaming audio via icecast. mp3's play fine in my mp3 player though.

So, any ideas on where the fault lies?

  • have you checked the sound settings for per-app sound preferences? maybe you accidentally pressed a hotkey to mute the program for some reason. Although reinstalling should reset that so its a shot in the dark. – QuickishFM Mar 22 at 16:31
  • 1
    @QuickishFM - Reinstalling apps does not reset their settings [very common misconception, but unfortunately rife]. VLC's output device is controlled by VLC itself on Mac. Check the audio menu & your regular Sound control panel, aso see if Utilities/Audio Midi setup has anything unusual. – Tetsujin Mar 22 at 18:48
  • I did check VLC's Prefs, can see nothing that might cause this there. Also I cannot get audio from other video players which makes me suspect it's a codec or library issue rather than app specific. All other audio is unaffected by this - browser, mp3 player, system sounds, games all play fine. Can't see anything unusual in Midi. – scalefree Mar 22 at 19:41
  • What happened is still a mystery but VLC has audio again! I see no reason to keep this open, there's no problem to solve anymore. – scalefree Mar 22 at 22:09

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