So while I start the process of getting a new cmos battery. Will my laptop run without one if I remove the old one? Since a lot of you said it might leak can I remove it and still run?

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    The process is… "walk to nearest supermarket or watch or phone shop, get battery, walk home" Sure, it will work in the meantime but you'll have to set the BIOS up every time you power it up. – Tetsujin Mar 22 at 18:36
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    No I have laptop from 2007 or 2009 and it uses an a plug to connect to the board so not easy. If I leave the laptop plugged into wall will it still need to set the bios? What does set the bios mean? – Vick Mar 22 at 18:40
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    Yeah, I just found your other question - it still looks like a 2032 in a wrap. Leaving it plugged in the wall wil not help. if the battery still has enough charge to hold the date, then don't take it out until the new one arrives. – Tetsujin Mar 22 at 18:44
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    Ok. Are 2032 rechargeable? Because mine seem to be. Because when I leave it plugged in and then disconnect from wall I notice it still has correct time and date? But it does that for a while before time gets wrong while still plugged in and windows is on. – Vick Mar 22 at 18:55
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    No, they're pretty standard alkaline, afaik. They cost pence - your buck premium is because someone cheapskated the standard clip-in mount & made it some frankenstien plug-in instead. – Tetsujin Mar 22 at 18:57

Will my laptop run without one if I remove the old one?

Yes, but not the way that you want. It is what gives power to the item that keeps your current date and time, and other important settings that you don't want to set each time you start your computer.

Since a lot of you said it might leak...?

This is a possibility but is also uncommon for button batteries.

In the end, replace your battery with the same type. The battery will say on it what size it is. If you want to buy the battery before opening up your computer you can look it up by searching for the specs for your laptop.

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