Trying to help a friend with a really simple COUNITF/COUNTIFS formula. Data is like:

enter image description here

Objective is to count the data cells excluding mike, john, judy. Current formula:


which returns the correct value 3. Problem is that he has much more than three names to exclude. We would like to list them in column B and have the formula refer to the list (otherwise the formula becomes huge). We have tried:


both normal-entered and array-entered, but it yields 12 !

Strangely enough, if we want to include rather than exclude then :


works. I offered a VBA solution, but that was rejected.


What about SUMPRODUCT:


enter image description here

or just subtract from the whole:


enter image description here

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  • THANK YOU.......................it's an approach I never would have considered. – Gary's Student Mar 23 at 18:30

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