I use fedora with i3-gaps and I want to use different font than monospace.

I donwloaded this realease of iosevka font iosevka-term-ss01-3.0.0-rc.4
Then I coppied all .tff files to folders: ~/.local/share/fonts and to the /usr/share/fonts/iosevka.
And at the end run command $ sudo fc-cache -fv to reload fonts.

Now the thing is how to put these fonts to use. I configure my ST terminal via .Xdefaults:

!! Set a default font and font size as below:
st.font: Monospace-10;

! st.termname: st-256color
! st.borderpx: 2

What should I write instead of Monospace-10?
I tried name of .tff file - text changed but to terrible form.
Maybe adding "config file" to /etc/fonts/conf.d?

Second question: How to add this font to the whole system?
Could it break possibly something (i3blocks)?

Thanks in advance for your answers

P.S. Bonus question: Has anyone clue how iosevka releases works? Which release/file should I use?

  • For fonts to be found automatically by applications, the locations must be ~.fonts/ or / and /usr/share/fonts/TTF/ – Knud Larsen Mar 23 at 23:02

Use fc-list to find font names, and make the st font line like so

st.font: [font name]:pixelsize=[size];

And about Iosevka: You want Iosevka Term.

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  • Sounds good, but output of fc-list looks like this: /usr/share/fonts/iosevka/iosevka-term-ss01-extrabolditalic.ttf: Iosevka Term SS01,Iosevka Term SS01 Extrabold:style=Extrabold Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/iosevka/iosevka-term-ss01-extendedmedium.ttf: Iosevka Term SS01,Iosevka Term SS01 MdEx:style=Medium Extended,Regular What should I write as a font name? When I choose e.g. iosevka-term-ss01-extrabolditalic output looks terrible. – EFK Mar 24 at 8:19
  • I figured it out: st.font: Iosevka Term SS01 Extended:style=Bold Extended,Bold:pixelsize=14;. I shouldn't write only the font name but also all that parameters around it include coma. Thanks for help – EFK Mar 24 at 9:10

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