If not, how can I direct-connect to it wirelessly via PdaNet/tethering app?

I assume the second option involves creating a fake wifi hotspot, then connecting to it via the printer. Shouldn't be hard, unless it still blocks me from using the printer (scanner, which is what I really need).

App used: PdaNet.co full paid version
PC OS: Windows 7 Ultimate edition, SP1

Phone: LG K428
Android version: 7.0

Model no.: BGW210-700
Software Version 2.5.6

Printer: Brother wireless multi-function printer

Additional information: Brother setup (350MB) can't detect the printer, and giving it the local IP didn't help. It did work on a computer that has a wireless connection through USB key, but my USB key doesn't appear to work with this computer (installer won't work/detect USB key).

PC IPconfig data


I am able to go to the printer's setup page via internet:
Contents of

Putting in the IP address directly pulls up the printer, but setup still gives an error and says to restart the PC.

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