I am on a Windows 10 Pro PC and wish to DL Adobe Lightroom Classic for a friend who is having DL issues on his MacOS device. Does Adobe provide this capability? I tried and it seems that there is no way to do this. Adobe apparently senses the OS of the system requesting the DL and only offers OS-compatible apps for DL. If you know of a way around this behavior, I'd welcome your insights.


The only way to gain access to the stand-alone installers to CC2020 is to contact Adobe's Customer Care. All their agents are authorised to give out temporary direct download information to customers who need these for reasons such as this - or for archiving or installation on multiple machines.

How you achieve this to be able to download on behalf of someone else I'm not sure - though one would imagine if your friend can get the link, he can pass it to you before it expires.

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