A few days ago, probably due to some unholly combination of keys, my start menu started showing on the opposite side of the screen as far away from the start menu button as possible. See pic related:


The start menu button is on the top-right corner while the start menu is on the bottom-left corner. Also, as a side effect, the search/run function no longer works, so I cannot type "putty" and press enter to run that program so, how do I revert it back to a normal behaviour and position?

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    have you tried unlocking the start menu, and dragging it? Right-click on the taskbar and choose "Lock the Taskbar". – vssher Mar 25 at 9:06
  • Not working. It unlocks the task bar but not the start menu. It stays firmly locked to the wrong corner. – NeonMan Mar 25 at 9:08
  • Moving the task bar to any other side, then back to the original position seemed to work. I gues it is solved now. – NeonMan Mar 25 at 9:09

The following seems to fix it:

  • Right-clicking on the taskbar
  • If checked, Uncheck "Lock all taskbars"
  • Drag the taskbar to any other screen side
  • Drag the taskbar back to the original place
  • Otionally re-lock all task bars

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