I successfully configured a shared folder on a Windows 10 Pro machine (let's call it host) and I am able to access the folder on another Win 10 Pro machine (let's call it client) using net use command, providing the local user of the machine I am connecting to as credentials.

The shared folder has "Previous Versions" functionality working as intended, if I right-click on the local folder I can see and restore previous versions with no issues.

Unfortunately I am not able to do this on the client machine: if I right click on the same folder in my network mapped drive, I see "There are no previous versions available"

I think I am missing somethig but I did not find any help googling this issue


According to Microsoft documentation one requirements for Volume Shadow Copy via SMB is that both computers have to joined to the same domain:

The application server and file server must be joined to the same Active Directory domain

source: Protect Data on Remote SMB File Shares using VSS.

  • Now both host and client machines have joined the same domain, but this still doesn't work: I can see that client now displays "working on it..." when trying to open the previous versions dialog, then after 10 seconds if shows "There are no previous versions available" Maybe it's because the host machine is a Win10 PRO instance and not a Windows Server? – Genesio Mar 28 '20 at 8:53

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