I have a .wpress archive, with a backup of my website.
When I run the wpress-extractor.exe from the command line for extraction, files are extract to folder and everything is fine.

When I create a .bat file to do the same as described above, but to eliminate the command line, the program starts, it looks like it works, but I can't see the files anywhere in the pc.

I have Comodo Internet Security Premium on mi PC (Windows 10).
When I start the Comodo Virtual desktop, I see the extracted files in through this virtual desktop program, but I still don't see them in Windoves.
Comodo apparently somehow protected my pc from a potentially unwanted .bat file.
That's okay, but how do I get these files from Windows Explorer?
To see them in Windows and to view, copy, move, or delete them?

I have tried to find the solution on the internet but nothing is concerned with blocking files and using them, or it was about another case.

I may have found a similar problem, but I am not sure if it is the same problem because it is poorly described and also has no solution - Where are virtualized files located in Windows 10

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