As I experienced unexpected positive feedback on my last post, I decided to give this a shot as well. Once again, please excuse any structural or grammatical errors.

This post isn't a question, but rather a thread or a discussion.

I've recently started reading Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville, and as the curious person I am, I decided to give the coding a shot. I'm quite familiar with coding in itself - or at least I used to be - but it's been a few years since the last time I coded anything. When I was in high school I learned the basics of coding; C#, HTML, Java and such, so I am no newbie to this, but neither am I an advanced coder.

The last few days I've been learning Python, and I'm beginning regain my coding abilities - but nowhere near what's required to build an artificial Neural Network. Therefore I made this thread. Does anybody here have any experience with this? If so can you guide me in the direction of where I should start learning this?

My dream is to develop an AI, more specific, a data-crunching AI. So if any of you could give me a few tips as of where to start, what to read or such, I'd be delighted!

Thank you once again, have a great day!


  • This is not a forum and we don't do "threads", this is a Question and Answer site where we help solve problems using computer hardware and software. Discussion does not really work in the Q&A format and questions should be about a definite problem you are having. You should consider taking the tour and looking through our help center to see how we work and what kind of questions you can ask about here. – Mokubai Mar 26 at 7:37
  • Programming questions are off topic here and should be asked on Stack Overflow. But you would need to have an example of current code that is causing problems. Teaching you how to do Machine Learning is better suited to a book than this site format. Humble Bundle have a Software Development bundle that includes a an Introduction to Machine Learning with Python book: humblebundle.com/books/… – Mokubai Mar 26 at 7:43

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