I need to find out how many rows in column B match with rows of column A.

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  • If you actually need to find the differences, you will need to sort both columns individually, then in C compare both. – LPChip Mar 26 at 10:25

In C1 use =COUNTIFS(A:A,B1) and drag down.

Then sum up col C.

This will count double matches too. i.e if B1 is found twice it will count it as 2.

If you only want to know the unique matches use =MIN(1,COUNTIFS(A:A,B1)) instead and apply same method

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    Worked Fine. Now 1299 of them matched. How do i Know Which ones didn't match? – Rishabh Shrivastava Mar 26 at 11:19
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    the ones that come up as 0 haven't matched. if this works for you consider accepting this answer as correct – PeterH Mar 26 at 11:22

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