I've installed Ubuntu 19.10 on zfs, with both root and boot datasets, root encrypted. Since this install I am also getting system created datasets with seemingly random string names, legacy type. Sometimes they disappear. There are also snapshots of them with the snap named a seemingly random number. I run zfs-auto-snapshot but the format of its snapshots is easily discernable. I had a previous install on Ubuntu 18.10 (not encrypted) and I cannot remember having seen this there. Anybody knows what this is? Anything to do with encryption? Else zfs works great.

~> zfs list
NAME                                                                                         USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
backup                                                                                      14.1G   885G      104K  /backup
backup/home                                                                                 14.1G   885G     14.1G  /backup/home
bpool                                                                                        258M  94.0M       96K  /
bpool/BOOT                                                                                   251M  94.0M       96K  none
bpool/BOOT/ubuntu                                                                            251M  94.0M      134M  legacy
rpool                                                                                        187G   191G      192K  /
rpool/ROOT                                                                                  28.4G   191G      192K  none
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu                                                                           28.4G   191G     8.20G  /
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/029ef429a0019bb919f8e632fdeaf2aafe7dc92aafc30743e6ae553847019d4c          8.63M   191G     1.32G  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/03d86cba534270c10919120cad68fdbbbf29f18327bad9d69271ace197049198          52.5M   191G     2.17G  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/051d084a3d166eb1c4dcedc1dc3581baea81e4e83786d0bbcbfbd31b9ff2ea4e          13.3M   191G      608M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0a7d59ea0a66a8e419db94eae61fa3b0852aeb6ab39e2568eda543cd725fe3b4           660K   191G      382M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0b06f219bf126b5cd36987838898df6bc7d338f673ec3642be48342befbe98a8          68.7M   191G      295M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0c1b3cb414ca68d5f9be5f16a24814855b5e5dac15ae29076fb96ebd47d2d855           356K   191G      316M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0c489a953ce8da5f4c098aa44553de3735dc207d52d17f1b6e10718f23f6ec13          13.1M   191G      668M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0c5c3a22ee060629443962e34afb59bbb7b397c3d07146f0859c8b08e936f715          36.2M   191G     1.32G  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0cadede981a1676c3f45e46c45019d55c13fd9aad06ada8a8bb2456d51b48b55           296K   191G     2.04G  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0e30de3c8ca203dd1228c4e91cccec231c91c5486aacc71734970536f7b6ce1c          23.0M   191G      726M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0fec79458e77fde0639db3b78b3cca854ce4dac8ced617bb70bd8efee41a7880          48.2M   191G      737M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu/0fec79458e77fde0639db3b78b3cca854ce4dac8ced617bb70bd8efee41a7880-init     36.1M   191G      726M  legacy

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