A weird thing is happening. I have been trying to debug it for 2 days with no luck. Nothing relevant around forums as well.

I have just set up my wife's machine because I need to work remotely. I have transferred all my set up from my own desktop to my wife's laptop so everything should work just fine. And they do except a small thing which I cannot find out why it's not working. My desktop runs MX Linux 18.3 and my wife's laptop runs MX Linux 19.1


MX Linux 19.1, tmux, zsh, prezto, vim

So the problem now. When I open my terminal under tmux, the status-right shows the hostname. This is all good. When I open VIM though, the status_right pane_title still shows the local hostname while my desktop shows that vim is running plus the full path of the file opened by vim. Same with any other app e.g. htop. My wife's laptop does not update the status-right pane_title while my desktop does. I don't have access to my desktop at the moment so I will only post images of how it looks on my wife's laptop.

Any ideas?




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