We all knows Windows has a long persistence problem with its strange behavior in the language taskbar. I have spent tens of hours in researching it to avoid its bugs but there is one that i really can't figure out how to solve.

There is a little "label" liked button which always appear next to any textbox that I am going to type on (see picture). I wish to know:

  1. is there anyway to get rid of it? Reason, it always block my mouse selection especially where there are some Javascript autocomplete hints.

  2. this little "button" would sometimes got "hang" and never disappear on my screen, no mater how i switch windows or even restart explorer, it won't go away until i reboot the system, which is super annoying. If my memory is correct, this issue/bug has been there for at least 10 years, since windows 8. Is there any service that i can restart to get rid of this thing without a reboot?enter image description here

  3. does anyone know how should i correctly name this little thing? i can't even google it.

Thank you. enter image description here enter image description here

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