So let's say I have a formula "=A1/5" and I want to change it to "=A1/sqrt(5" i.e. inserting something at the second last position.

(subsequently I can do a simple = cell&")" to complete the formula).

I managed to do it but I took a very lengthy route, so wonder if anyone has idea how to quickly accomplish this.

My approach now:

  1. Deformularize by replacing "=" with "" aka nothing.

  2. Extracting the left part and rightmost part of the string separately by =LEFT(cell,LEN(cell)-1) and =RIGHT(cell,1)

  3. For the rightmost part extracted (which is a single digit number), I simply do a ="sqrt("&cell
  4. I then concatenate together a "=", the extracted left part and the amended right part.

this works, but as you can see, it took quite a bit of work.


This tiny macro will do the work for you:

Sub formulaFixer()
    Dim s As String
    s = ActiveCell.Formula
    arr = Split(s, "/")
    ActiveCell.Formula = arr(0) & "/SQRT(" & arr(1) & ")"
End Sub

It will convert:




In fact, it can convert =something/something else into =something/SQRT(something else)

We can loop it over several cells, if necessary.

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  • Thanks, I will try it out! – y chung Mar 26 at 19:51

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