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Hello everyone.

My current laptop is an HP 15-r218nv. I know this isn't the best laptop for gaming, but it gets the job done. I have bought it 3 years ago and it has worked great throughout all this time. Last year, the laptop began to overheat, and because I didn't have money to get it cleaned, and I wasn't confident enough to open it and clean it myself, I took the battery out, the easiest and most efficient way to lower the heat and not lose much perfomance. I have continued to play games as normal, and about 4 months ago, there was a storm at my place, and the storm fried up the power brick. I have recently been gifted another laptop, and this new laptop's charger could fit and charge my old one, so I decided to factory reset the old one, and update it to windows 10 version 1903 (I had windows 10 version 14XX).

Because I have one charger, I must reconnect the battery of the old laptop back. I did that, and downloaded some games again. I have began to play games and I noticed something strange while playing CS:GO. I have been playing CS:GO without the laptop charging, and I have had great fps, around 100 fps. The battery got at a low percentage, and I plugged the charger into the laptop, and immidietly noticed an fps drop to 20 fps, with also, a drop in CPU and GPU usage, from ~80% to ~35%, and ~100% to ~50% respectively.

I have thought that the fps drop was due to the laptop changing some options and settings because of the battery/power plan, so I waited for a few seconds, but the fps did not bounce back. When I noticed the fps weren't going to jump back up, I unplugged the laptop to perform a test and see what the fps outcome would be. My fps jumped right back to 100 fps. The next day, I decided to run CS:GO again, and noticed low fps again. I tried a different method to the problem, to see if it would solve it.

My laptop has an Intel Core i7-5500U and an Nvidia GeForce 820M. I use the integrated graphics, since they are more responsive and faster than the Nvidia GPU. In the nvidia control panel, I can choose what GPU I want each program to use, and I thought I forgot to switch the preffered GPU for CS:GO to the integrated graphics, but that wasn't the case. I thought the control panel was bugged, so I disabled the Nvidia GPU through device manager. The game was still laggy.

I enabled back the Nvidia GPU, and went on google to find some answers to my problem. The supposed solutions I found were: It might be a BIOS setting. This might be the reason, and I say might, because I cannot see any setting that would be causing this, but my BIOS have a very limited amount of settings that I can change. A power/battery plan option is at fault, which is not Maybe in the control panel of the Intel iGPU, I have things configured wrong, which that is also not the case.

None of these solutions worked, and I have no idea what to do next. If anyone has any idea what the problem might be, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

The old charger ha an output of 19.5V 2.34Α, and this new charger has an output of 19.5V 3.33A.

TL;DR My laptop's CPU and GPU usage drop significantly when plugged in, almost getting halved. Changing the BIOS doesn't help, the power/battery plan is correctly configured, and the configuration from the control panel of the graphics are correctly set. No idea what to do next.

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    What are the power specifications of the original charger? What are the power specifications of the new charger? This information will be printed on the charger itself. You will want to edit your question to include this vital information instead of submitting a temporary comment. – Ramhound Mar 26 at 17:14
  • ... the information is often also on the laptop itself if you don't have the original charger any more. – Attie Mar 26 at 19:12

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